If you have a website  you can earn money online. There are many programs that help you to earn. I am talking about only on google adsense and affiliate marketing. These two programs makes your website more attractive and get more traffic and you can earn money also. Google adsense is a program that run by google. You can use this program by enrolling on google adsense, after that you can ad images, video and text advertisements on your website. This is the pay per click program, more traffic more income. Next one is Affiliate Marketing, It is a good market strategy. By selling it's products and services you can earn high income. There are following company providing affiliate marketing:-:

1. Easydate

2. Car-auction.com

3. Bargain.com

4. Buymebeauty.com

5. Amazon.com

6. Dell

7. Onenetworkdirect

8. Dell

9. Hewlett-Packard

10. Online TEFL Courses